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Restaurant: Piadina
Place: Robinson's Place Manila
Menu: Italian

I stumbled upon Piadina quite by accident; my younger sister was visiting me here in Manila and she asked me to take her to a restaurant that we didn't have back home. That pretty much ruled out the major fast food chains. We were wandering around Robinson's trying to find a place to eat that wasn't too masa or too intimidating, when we saw this small place called Piadina on the second floor of the Faura Wing. Maybe it was the colors -- pink, green and blue--, maybe it was the cheery "Buona sera!" of the crew, or maybe it was the menu; anyway, we went in, despite the misgivings of my sister, who didn't like Italian food because she thought it was too sour with all the tomatoes and stuff.

Anyway, we tried one of their set meals, the "Today's Special", which includes the pasta of the day, pizza of the day, and roast chicken, accompanied by iced tea, for Php165. The pasta was called Aglio Olio; simply dressed with olive oil and garlic salt, and chili peppers-- one bite made me a fan for life. Even my finicky sister agreed! Their roast chicken was yummy; no need for sawsawan. Pizza: mmmmmm!!!

Piadina has moved to the second floor of the Midtown wing, near the escalator. Don't be disappointed if you don't see the Aglio Olio pasta on the menu; they still serve it by request. If you forget the words "aglio olio" just ask for the pasta with olive oil and peppers.

I keep returning to Piadina from time to time, to satisfy my cravings for Italian food. They buy their ingredients fresh everyday (it's at the bottom of their menu), so sometimes availability of the item may depend on availability of the ingredients. Still, it might explain why their food is so great! So is the service by the way: cheerful, fast, and efficient. It adds up to a great dining experience.

Part of the reason I keep coming back to Piadina is that even if I just order the "Today's Special", I get a different meal everytime, so I get to try all of their different pastas and pizzas without having to order each one of them. It's fun speculating on which one I'm going to get this time, too!

Price: Moderately affordable
Ambience: Italian with a splash of modern art
Food: Great! One of my all-time favorite restaurants.


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