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This is all Dramabeans' fault. Wait, this is the fault of Philippine television which was slow in giving me something new, and preferred to churn out remake after remake instead.

Remakes of Marimar, Rosalinda, Zorro, Full House, All About Eve, and Autumn in My Heart, even Shaider, fufufufu. There was that ill-advised version of Gossip Girl [srsly!] and talk of a version of Twilight *shudders*. Before those, there were dramas patterned after Beverly Hills 90210 and Dawson's Creek. I grew up in the province. I watched most of them because there was nothing else to watch, even though a large part of it was just the same old histrionics. [Let's face it, how many Pinoy movies have a scene where the rich girl second lead bosses around the poor servant girl heroine while the latter is laundering the former's clothes and it leads to a major catfight in the middle of the laundry? I bet you stopped to think and count. It's not just in the Judai - Gladys movies.] I stopped watching TV altogether this past six months because it seemed that the entire programming schedule was full of remakes-- heck, even Mara Clara, that soap of soaps I practically grew up with, got remade, and I'm not an old lady yet!-- and I was just tuning in for the Korean dramas.

On the other hand, there was some good stuff. I always loved Bayani and Hiraya Manawari. I liked Spirits, Hiram, Kay Tagal Kang HinintayBakekang, Makita Ka Lang Muli, Majika, Encantadia, Atlantika, and Adik Sa Yo. At least they did not make me scream and curse at my TV screen. I guess my fault was that I did not speak up more about them or show that I appreciated them, aside from glueing my eyes to the TV screen every night.

Now here comes Amaya. This time, I want to do things right. So my friend Alquanna and I set up a new blog where we will discuss, dissect and critique Philippine drama series, movies, and all that stuff. Pinoy Drama Rewind is now up and waiting for the premiere of Amaya, and after that, hopefully, other Pinoy dramas. Come and join us.

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