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Okay, after Shining Inheritance / Brilliant Legacy, I have a new K-drama obsession. LOL. I happened to start watching it when I was sick and immured at home-- hey that was a good thing, because it airs on ABS-CBN, which is the default channel at my parents' house because it's got the only strong signal, and I can only watch GMA-7 at my place for the same reason. Not a fan of Boys over Flowers (because I got surfeited with Meteor Garden when it first came out and thought that I didn't want to watch any more variations on the same story) so didn't know who Lee Min Ho was (knock me on the head for being so clueless, k!). My mom knows he's Lee Min Ho, but she persists in calling him "that Korean Dao Ming Zi." Sorry, Min Ho. :P And ABS-CBN also airs Down With Love, starring Jerry Yan, only the local station changed its airtime from late afternoon to 8:30 a.m. because they put the local news in its timeslot, so my mom said that we started the day with "the original Dao Ming Zi" and ended it with "that Korean Dao Ming Zi," because Perfect Match aired just before the late-night news.

Let me get this straight: so not a fan of guys who are prettier than I am :P And Lee Min Ho looks so beautiful that I am almost insecure, haha. But boy, his character Jeon Jin Ho just gets cuter and cuter with each episode. And let's face it, if you were a klutz who's not exactly a raving beauty, and this guy who looks absolutely perfect came into your life and said he loves you, wouldn't you be asking yourself why? :P Ah, Park Gae In, I am envious /sighs deeply

Now that I'm back in my own place and can't follow Perfect Match on TV anymore, I've been watching it on the internet. Seems like "Perfect Match" is just the local name for it, as it's better known as Personal Taste. And since my internet's been iffy lately (damn and double damn Globe for their "unlimited" 800 mb Supersurf!) and I can only watch an episode or two a night, skipped ahead to the recaps. Don't get me wrong, I'm still gonna watch the rest of it, I just couldn't stand not knowing what would happen next. (Dramabeans has a great recap here.)

And okay, Lee Min Ho, you've won me over. Though I still like Dao Ming Zi best, I'm fixing on watching Boys over Flowers, though it might be a little too late. (Dramabeans Boys over Flowers recap here.)

Ah, now my list of stuff to recap is growing! I hope to post a recap of another episode of Shining Inheritance tonight, that is if I get home early enough. /kicks Globe Tattoo/ work, damn you, work.

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