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I really should keep track of what books I have. I haven't listed, inventoried, or cataloged them in any way, so although I'd estimate their number as over 500, I don't really have an exact amount.

So I thought I'd list here in this blog what books I buy when I buy them, just so I'd know.

Last weekend, I bought five books.

1. Stu's Song - A Crosswinds book. Crosswinds books, along with their contemporary, Keepsake, and their predecessor, First Love, were a staple of my growing up years. I guess I collect them now mostly out of nostalgia, along with the Wildfire books and their more gothic cousin, Windswept.

2. The Sanctuary Sparrow - A Brother Cadfael book by Ellis Peters. Brother Cadfael and the medieval world of Shrewsbury Abbey is really growing on me.

3. The Lost Years of Merlin - by T.A. Barron. Merlin's coming of age story.

4. Cat in a Flamingo Fedora - A Midnight Louie mystery by Carole Nelson Douglas. Another addition to my extensive cat collection.

5. Watership Down - by Richard Adams. I am almost ashamed to say I have never read this before; somehow I always passed it over in the bookstore because I wasn't that interested in rabbits. Then someone mentioned that one of my favorite songs, "Bright Eyes," was actually from the movie. Then I read this review about it. So I thought I'd better read it, you know, just for the sake of having read it. I don't much like reading sad books; I hate crying. :(

Here's "Bright Eyes" anyway.

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  1. Good choice in Watership Down! :)

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