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Where: Mexicali
Place: Robinson's Place Manila
Menu: California/Mexican (hence the name!)

A friend and I went to Robinson's Place Manila to catch the Parokya ni Edgar Mall Tour last Sunday, May 18, 2008. We had an hour or so to kill before the show started, so we decided to indulge a yearning for burritos. Choice of place: Mexicali, at the second floor front of Robinson's Place Manila, where the Orosa Wing joins the Midtown.

I like Mexican food, especially burritos (I am peeved that Greenwich discontinued its burritos) but I had often been disappointed with Mexicali before. On previous visits, (a) my food was no longer hot; (b) the person at the counter didn't seem to know anything about their products and didn't seem particularly interested in assisting me or answering my questions; or (c) I was kept waiting for over fifteen minutes for my order to be delivered to my table. If I had been one of those people who are hired to test restaurants for their services and products, they would've hardly gotten a passing grade!

Anyway, fortunately this time around, things went well. The girl at the counter was glad to answer my questions about their butterscotch pie and mexicali nachos, and asked if we wanted our drinks regular or bottomless (some people don't think to offer customers all the options). Between us, my friend and I split a grilled steak burrito, California size (good for two), an order of mexicali nachos, a butterscotch pie, and two bottomless glasses of Coke. Bill: Php535 (USD 12.52; EUR 8.04).

The burritos as usual were yummy and filling; as were the nachos drenched in salsa and guacamole (ay ay ay!). The butterscotch pie was just right and not too sweet. All in all, we were in a pretty good mood by the time that we went to listen to Parokya ni Edgar!

Price: Moderately affordable
Ambience: mexicali!
Food: Yum-my!

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